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The Garfagnana offers a wide variety of panoramic views beginning with its mountains and hills impervious and uncontaminated.
The “ Medio Valle del Serchio “ forms an area between Lucca and Garfagnana, along the course of the River Serchio. The chief town is Barga, the adopted territory of Giovanni Pascoli, the famous italian poet.
Other well known towns are Bagni di Lucca with its thermal spa and Borgo a Mozzano famous for its bridge “ Ponte Del Diavolo “ and the traditional Legend.
The principal centre of the Garfagnana is “ Castelnuovo di Garfagnana “. This area is the mecca for lovers of the traditional lucchese cooking and the relative typical local dishes of chestnuts , mushrooms, oliveoil, bread, beer etc..
The land is rich in luxuriant growth vegetation, the rivers and lakes of which the most noted is “Lago di Vagli “.
For the nature lovers and excursions it is recommended to visit the “ Grotta del Vento “ and the “ Antro del Corchia “.

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